Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

MoFAL is the main public organization concerned with Agriculture and Rural Development in Turkey and has seven main General Directorates one of which is GDAR.

GDAR is the headquarter of the national agricultural research system and responsible for determining national research strategy, setting up research priorities. GDAR also assists the government in developing agricultural policy through its Department of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research. Under the Administration of GDAR, there are about 2.000 researchers in 49 Research Institutes, responsible for carrying out agricultural R&D activities in all domains of agriculture and one of which focuses on food research. These domains are mainly food, feed, crop plant breeding and production, plant protection, animal breeding and husbandry, animal health, fisheries and aquaculture. GDAR also has more than 50 years’ experience of international projects in the field of agricultural research and development such as FAO, CGIAR, etc.


Aysen Alay Vural, PhD

Dr. Aysen Alay Vural has Phd degree on Thesis Title:”Effect Of Zinc On Forage Yields and Some Quality Parameters Of Alfaalfa (Medicago sativa L.), the effect of zinc”, master degree on Thesis Title “Determination of Appropriate Pollinators for Akça Pear Cultivar(Pyrus communis L.)”, graduated from Ankara University, Agricultural Faculty, Department of Horticulture. She is working as coordinator on behalf of the Ministry.