MKV International Consulting

MKV Consulting is an SME which develops and implements training courses for adults, in cooperation with universities, the central agency for employment, trade associations, employer associations, chambers of trade and industry, municipalities, educational organizations and small and medium sized enterprises.

MKV Consulting is offering services to meet the new requirements of the labour market. These requirements are as follows;

  • the mid-level staff Training demands of the companies,
  • to convert all Training Modules to e-Learning Materials,
  • Capacity Building for SMEs and Associations, which is representing Sector,
  • services to inform and encourage the Turkish organizations, social partners, educational providers and citizens to take part in the EU enlargement policy,
  • to create a forum to raise political awareness and basic civic citizenship in Turkey.

MKV Consulting works with numerous part-time experts during the Project implementations.


Dilek Volkan

MBS from METU, in 1980 and MBA from Ufuk University in 2011. Enterprises, and EU Grant Scheme Training, more than 25 years’ experience working for international organizations. 6 years’ experience in training. Earlier in her career, she was the Executive for Foreign Trade Management. Experience in investment planning, project design, and project management. Feasibility studies for several hotels, construction, infrastructure, and industrial projects in Turkey. 27 years of business experience, mainly in exports, marketing and sales of technological goods, including telecommunication, textile, furniture, construction material, chemicals and food stuff.