BLANKCON is active in project management and consultancy in European projects, mainly for secondary vocational education in the "green" (agricultural) sector.

The origin of the organisation can be found in AOC Raad, the Dutch union of Agricultural educational centres (= AOC). As such Hans Blankestijn was responsible for many LdV projects. But there were also projects in India, Saudi Arabia and Oman. The expertise is in two directions: technical aspects of VET, related to job profiles and learning materials, with a focus on biobased economy, and the educational aspects such as definition of qualifications, concepts as EQF and ECVET. These two aspects of VET find each other in the development of learning and training material and how to store these in webbased learning platforms.


Hans Blankestijn

Has studied Biochemistry and was teacher in schools for food technology and laboratory techniques. His expertice in quality management and project management in European projects has been built up for over 15 years, mainly in VET in the agrofood sector.