Download e-commerce system and documentation

This generic e-commerce platform developed during the implementation of the project SKIFF (Skills for Future Farmers), funded under the Erasmus+ Program of EU ( is targeted to farmers or in general any individual aspiring to seek business opportunities through the Internet.

The designed platform (see Demo site here) is a basic but full-fledged e-shop, i.e. allowing a user to add goods/services with prices, pictures and descriptions, supports e-cart, payment transactions, etc.

E-commerce & documentation in English Language:

Download the file from the above link that includes:

  1. Archive file (.zip file)
  2. installer.php file
  3. Documentation

The archive file includes all the necessary files of the system, the installer.php is the file that handles the installation and the documentation provides step-by-step instructions on the installation, use and customization of the generic www-based e-shop.


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